The journey from meticulous lemon selection to a sold-out sensation

SOUTH AUSTRALIA – [4 Sep 2023] – The Still Co., renowned for its commitment to crafting premium spirits, is thrilled to announce the return of its highly sought-after Limoncello. After an exhaustive search across South Australia’s farms last year, the company discovered the unparalleled zest and aroma of the Lisbon lemon. This discovery set the stage for Distiller John Trutein to perfect an exceptional Limoncello recipe, which remarkably uses seven of these exquisite lemons in every bottle.

The Still Co.’s Limoncello journey is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality and authenticity. “The process was nothing short of a lemon odyssey. We compared, tasted, and tested various lemons, and the Lisbon lemon stood out with its distinct flavour profile,” said a spokesperson for The Still Co. “Our meticulous approach paid off when our Limoncello, infused with the essence of seven Lisbon lemons, became an instant hit, selling out rapidly.”

As 2023’s lemon-picking season dawns, The Still Co. is gearing up to meet the soaring demand. Not only has the company ramped up its production, but it has also significantly increased its lemon purchases from local farms. This initiative not only ensures the consistent quality of their Limoncello but also bolsters local businesses, reflecting The Still Co.’s commitment to community support.

Limoncello enthusiasts and newcomers alike can now find this delectable spirit at Dan Murphy’s and The Still Co.’s online store. For those eager to experience the Limoncello’s vibrant flavours first-hand, tastings are available at Artisans of Barossa.

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